A Quaint Little Coffee Shop...

Full Bloom Coffee Roasters in downtown Garner is great little place to relax. 
The first thing I tried was the pear and bacon grilled cheese. 
Let me tell you, that sandwich is deadly! 
They have a variety of breakfast and lunch items on the menu.

They also sell mugs and bakery items from local patrons. 
They also roast fresh coffee and sell by the bag. 

They have an amazing upstairs that creates an atmosphere for writers, readers, artist and anyone who needs to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few minutes and recharge with a cup of Joe (or tea! I recently tried the Smooth Strawberry Dream and fell in love!).
I go there everyday for lunch and I have the Orange Blossom Latte with almond milk.

The staff is wonderful and accommodates the customers needs! 
They have become a stable on Main street. 
Check out there website here ! 

They are located at 141 W Main St, Garner, NC 27529. 

Check them out when you are in the Raleigh area! 

Until next time 

Christ, Peace and Locs ✌🏾

Crock-Pot Sunday is Back!!!

Hey everyone!! 
I have missed crock-pot Sunday! I stopped because life has been in a busy season!
Anyhow it's back!! 

Today I made a tenderloin and cabbage meal. It was really simple but really good! 
I used only four ingredients!

2 heads of cabbage
12 ounces of Sun Feed Ranch chicken bone broth 
1 Roasted Garlic and Cracked Black Pepper pork tenderloin
Morton's Course Sea Salt to taste

So I am well away that most people are shying away from pork and for the most part we are as well. However I had this in the freezer and wanted to get it cooked before it went to waste. 
Pork can be substituted for turkey or whatever you prefer!

So I always start my meat before adding anything else to the crock-pot!
Do not rinse the meat if it is preseasoned! It will take your flavor!
After adding the meat with all the juice I can get from the package, I added salt ans the broth! 

It was the first time I used this broth and I'll definitely keep it on hand! 

Next rinse and cut your cabbage and add to the crock-pot(I also added a little pepper).

Let it cook for eight hours in low and that's all folks! 
Simple and tasty home-cooked meal. 
I served with mashed potatoes and Hawaiian rolls. 

Let me know what you think!
Until next time

Christ, Peace & Locs ✌🏾 

Successfully Failing in 2017

As the year ends I want to take a few moments to look back at all the goals I didn’t accomplish this year, and what I’ve learned from successfully failing. 

    I didn’t set many goals this year but I did break them up into categories: spiritually

So my first spiritual goal was to draw closer to Christ and I feel as though I succeeded. I felt God’s presence in my life this year like never before. However I didn’t give my all , as 2018 approaches I want to life fully for Christ!! 

Financially: I really wanted to save more this year and I completely failed at that. I did however make wiser decisions with what I did have. I seriously took into account what the Bible says about finances and I am confident that 2018 , God will guide me to be more responsible with saving. (Sidebar: the way to be financially stable is by tithing! If you have no idea what this means,ask me and I’ll be happy to explain 😇.) 

Physically: I started out this year with high hopes of weight lost goals, vegetarian/vegan goals and running goals. I started out great but my finish wasn’t strong! I’ll talk more about my 2018 goals in another post but I am starting now! I refuse to go take this mentality into another year of life. 

Mentally: 2017 brought a lot of mental stress. Coming from a family that suffers with mental illness, I decided to pray more and refocus my mental health. I feel like this was the goal I succeeded in. Which is great because if you’re not mentally stable nothing else will fall into place. Keeping Jesus First was definitely the reason for success. In 2018 I want to journal. 

So overall 2017 was a year I might not want to do over but I’m happy to be alive and as well off as I am. 

What did you successfully fail at in 2017? Are you going to make 2018 a redo year or a move forward year? 

Christ,Peace & Locs ✌🏾