Meatless Crock-Pot Sunday

July 02, 2017 BlessedMillennial 0 Comments

Crock-Pot Sunday is back!!!! This week I did a meatless meal. It is still packed with protein!
 A meal that everyone will always love is Spaghetti!!!
I made a vegetarian spaghetti for Crock-Pot Sunday. 

So first things first, ingredients!
For this meal I used:

2 cans of sweet corn
3 cans of black beans 
1 can of basil, olive oil and garlic diced tomatoes
1 can of regular diced tomatoes
1 jar of mushroom pasta sauce
1 can of traditional pasta sauce
2 LBS of mushrooms(I used baby bella and white) 
Mini Sweet peppers(I used 3 of each color)
Vegetable Stock 
Cheddar Cheese
1 LB of Spaghetti noodles

All of my ingredients were purchased from ALDI for under $15!!
This will last Bae and I for three days!


After rinsing and cutting your peppers and mushrooms( I prefer to leave the mushrooms whole! I love the full flavor) set them to the side. 

Add the pasta sauce first in the Crock-Pot.To get all of the sauce out of the jar, 
after pouring them into the Crock-Pot, fill one jar half way with vegetable broth and shake. Then pour it into the other jar and shake, add to sauce. 

Next add your chopped fresh ingredients.

Drain the juice from all cans except one the basil, garlic and olive oil tomatoes. You will want all the flavor!  

I usually rinse the black beans so that they are not salty. 

Next is time for the seasoning!!

If you guys have read my other Crock-Pot Sunday post then you know that I do not measure my seasonings. If you haven't check it out here.

The seasonings I used are:

Parsley Flakes
Rainbow Pepper

Mix very well and let it cook for an hour and 20 mins. 
You do not add the pasta until all of the other ingredients have cooked. The noodles will become very mushy if over cooked. 

After adding the noodles let it cook for another 30 minutes and add the cheddar cheese! 

This can be served with garlic bread and parmesan cheese. 


Until Next Time

Christ, Peace & Naps ✌🏾