Successfully Failing in 2017

December 26, 2017 BlessedMillennial 0 Comments

As the year ends I want to take a few moments to look back at all the goals I didn’t accomplish this year, and what I’ve learned from successfully failing. 

    I didn’t set many goals this year but I did break them up into categories: spiritually

So my first spiritual goal was to draw closer to Christ and I feel as though I succeeded. I felt God’s presence in my life this year like never before. However I didn’t give my all , as 2018 approaches I want to life fully for Christ!! 

Financially: I really wanted to save more this year and I completely failed at that. I did however make wiser decisions with what I did have. I seriously took into account what the Bible says about finances and I am confident that 2018 , God will guide me to be more responsible with saving. (Sidebar: the way to be financially stable is by tithing! If you have no idea what this means,ask me and I’ll be happy to explain 😇.) 

Physically: I started out this year with high hopes of weight lost goals, vegetarian/vegan goals and running goals. I started out great but my finish wasn’t strong! I’ll talk more about my 2018 goals in another post but I am starting now! I refuse to go take this mentality into another year of life. 

Mentally: 2017 brought a lot of mental stress. Coming from a family that suffers with mental illness, I decided to pray more and refocus my mental health. I feel like this was the goal I succeeded in. Which is great because if you’re not mentally stable nothing else will fall into place. Keeping Jesus First was definitely the reason for success. In 2018 I want to journal. 

So overall 2017 was a year I might not want to do over but I’m happy to be alive and as well off as I am. 

What did you successfully fail at in 2017? Are you going to make 2018 a redo year or a move forward year? 

Christ,Peace & Locs ✌🏾