Crock-Pot Sunday is Back!!!

January 14, 2018 BlessedMillennial 0 Comments

Hey everyone!! 
I have missed crock-pot Sunday! I stopped because life has been in a busy season!
Anyhow it's back!! 

Today I made a tenderloin and cabbage meal. It was really simple but really good! 
I used only four ingredients!

2 heads of cabbage
12 ounces of Sun Feed Ranch chicken bone broth 
1 Roasted Garlic and Cracked Black Pepper pork tenderloin
Morton's Course Sea Salt to taste

So I am well away that most people are shying away from pork and for the most part we are as well. However I had this in the freezer and wanted to get it cooked before it went to waste. 
Pork can be substituted for turkey or whatever you prefer!

So I always start my meat before adding anything else to the crock-pot!
Do not rinse the meat if it is preseasoned! It will take your flavor!
After adding the meat with all the juice I can get from the package, I added salt ans the broth! 

It was the first time I used this broth and I'll definitely keep it on hand! 

Next rinse and cut your cabbage and add to the crock-pot(I also added a little pepper).

Let it cook for eight hours in low and that's all folks! 
Simple and tasty home-cooked meal. 
I served with mashed potatoes and Hawaiian rolls. 

Let me know what you think!
Until next time

Christ, Peace & Locs ✌🏾